Advice you can count on

Dedicated to helping new business owners launch and operate with confidence and clarity

No business owner should have to go it alone. Let us help you build a strong foundation by educating and advising you on several key areas of business start-up and operations, including:

  • Cash Flow Planning—Everyone knows cash is king in the construction industry, we help you keep yours.
  • Balance Sheet Planning—Sureties and banks think its important, so should you.
  • Equipment Company Planning—Should you own your equipment through a separate entity? We can help you decide.
  • Lease vs. Purchase Decisions—What’s best for your tax return and balance sheet
  • Independent Contractor-Employee Analysis—Don’t let the IRS decide this for you, it’s expensive.
  • Multi-State Sales Tax- Multi-state sales tax making you sick? We have the cure.
  • Arizona TPT (Sales Tax) for the Construction Industry—Might be the most complex sales tax system in the U.S., we can help.
  • Entity type analysis—We’ll help you navigate which entity structure is right for your business as well as handle state and federal form preparation.
  • Accounting system setup—Our team will ensure that your accounting system is optimized to support a streamlined, efficient workflow.
  • Retirement plan analysis—We’ll help you identify the best retirement plan for you and your employees…and one that doesn’t break the bank.
  • Credit card rewards—Count on us to help you maximize credit card rewards by identifying the best credit card for your business expenses.